Environmental Controls

For over 30-years LSI Controls has been recognized as a leading design and manufacturing provider of OEM control components for management of refrigeration, heating,cooling, ventilation, and humidity. Our work covers a wide variety of commercial refrigeration, and industrial environmental controls related to indoor airquality, electric lighting, and fire safety, with particular attention to the integration of these systems into the overallbuilding design and energy consumption.

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Marine Products

Returning to a dark dock or finding a slip at an unfamiliar marina can be stressful for boaters. The LunaMar™ SMART Lighting and Docking systems™ welcome boaters to fully prepped personal docks, make it easier to locate your transient marina slip, and assist with docking operations. No more fumbling with a blinding spotlight in the evening or struggling to find an assigned marina slip at night. LunaMar SMARTDock™ and SMARTSlip™ systems use the VHF radio already on board to remotely control the dock lighting, boat lift, and other preparations up to 1 NM away. Powered by patent-pending technology and manufactured 100% in the USA.

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Crane Controls

Safely moving large or heavy loads is crucial to today's manufacturing and construction industries. LSI Controls provides crane and other heavy equipment operators with advanced systems to aid in staying within the safe operating envelope by sensing, and providing highly noticeable, fully daylight visible, indication of the Load-Moment (i.e. overturning force -- load multiplied by radius) present on the equipment. This lifting condition is continuously compared against the equipment's rated capacity, and indicates to the operator, workers, and job-site supervisors the percentage of capacity at which the equipment is working.

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Industrial Controls

LSI-Controls develops and produces an extensive range of cost effective, custom designed control systems used in a wide variety of refrigeration, environmental and industrial production processes, both for incorporation into OEM systems and as aftermarket upgrades. Our team has the expertise, experience, and real-world knowledge to make your next SCADA, DCS, or PLC design challenge a success. Contact us today to get started with the LSI advantage.


LED Products

LSI Controls continues to advance solid-state LED lighting and indicator display technology to produce cost effective, high performance, energy efficient lighting and graphic products. We are vertically integrated, combining technology, design, and manufacturing operations to produce energy-efficient, high quality products. All LSI Controls products are proudly designed and built 100% in the United States. Our AcuWatt product offers sophisticated lighting and energy management control solutions to help you manage your energy performance.


Consumer Products

Electronic equipment intended for everyday use is increasingly based on digital technologies with embedded compute capabilities. LSI Controls is ideally positioned, with extensive expertise across a full range of hardware and embedded software development, to develop innovative, connected, and mobile consumer electronic products.

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