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LS78ST1xx -- Drop-in replacement for PT78ST1xx

5 / 12 / 15 VDC Integrated Switching Regulators   Pin compatible drop-in replacement for the now obsolete TI/Power Trends PT78ST1xx series.

  • 33% greater current rating (2A continuous / 3A peak)
  • Configured as a Surface mount(S) or Thru Hole Horizontal (TH) or Thru Hole Vertical (TV) device
  • Installed surface mount height is only 0.17 taller to deliver additional current
  • 20pc min order


High Efficiency, Dual Output 15VDC, 1Amp, Step-Up Switching Regulator from +5VDC source
Drop-in replacement for TI or Power Trends PN: PT5061A

  • +15VDC (1A continuous / 2A peak)
  • -15VDC (500mA continuous / 1A peak)
  • Input Voltage: +4.75 to +5.5VDC
  • Configured as a Surface mount(S) or Thru Hole Horizontal (TH) or Thru Hole Vertical (TV) device
  • Pin compatible drop in replacement for the obsolete TI or Power Trends PN: PT5061A
  • 20pc min order

AcuFan Controller

The ACUFAN contoller is designed for proportional control of AC powered equipment. Input from manual switches, pots, or RF remote controls can be converted into speed control for most fans. Speed is adjusted through phase control of the AC output in reference to a zero crossing angle.

An auxilliary on/off AC output is available to control items such as shutters. Sensor inputs for temperature or humidity, with 10 bit analog resolution are provided to support smart, energy-wise applications. Digital inputs support limit switches and other control inputs.

C3 - Constant Current Controller

The C3 is a general purpose constant current supply to control such devices as proportional valves, constant torque motors, and high power LED's from proportional or digital input. The load circuit is connected between the raw supply voltage (5 - 32 VDC) and the proportional output via ¼ inch tabs. The internal microprocessor can be programmed to any response to the input signal. This allows for comples non-linear response such as for hydraulic control systems that require delicate feathering or high-power LED display systems that require color compensation. SKU: 380040